How our Foam Forum page is organised

Register and Log in

Registration is free. Just click Register as New Member and enter a user name, your email address (for confirming your registration) and a password. Your user name and password will be checked for duplicates. If these have not already been used, you will immediately be logged on.

To log off after a session, click Log Off

Next time you visit, you just log on with your User Name and Password. If you should forget these, just drop us an email at sales@tg-cellsoft.com

Subjects, Threads and Blogs

We have tried to organise our Foam Forum page in a format that is easy to use.

Comments and messages posted on the web page are called "blogs". Blogs are grouped in collections called "threads". The first blog in a thread is the "start blog".

New blogs can either be added to an existing thread, or become the start of a new thread.

Viewing Blogs

Select the subject you wish to display. Now click the Scan threads link to view each thread in that subject. You can add a blog to any of these threads by typing text in the Blog text box and then clicking the Submit button (while the thread is displayed).

When all the threads have been displayed, the message "No thread to display" will be seen. When this message is shown, you can write a blog to start a new thread.