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FoamKit 2000

Our latest 32 bit software - for Windows XP / Windows Vista \ Windows 7.
Based on powerful Microsoft AccessTM database which contains all the formulation records, chemical information, machine configurations, chemical suppliers, etc.
Virtually no size limit - database expands to accommodate any new information. Huge capacity for thousands of formulation records and chemicals.

Now includes database password protection option - for added security.

Configure as:

FoamKit 2000 includes:
CO2 frothing
 Controlled pressure foaming 
FoamKit 2000 Foam Process page

Process screen with formulation, process details and graphic

Click a red outlined area on the image for description

Up to 25 chemical streams
The formulation table will accommodate up to 25 chemicals and automatically adjusts it’s size to suit. Chemicals are arranged in groups of the same type – all polyols together, etc. Each group in the formulation table can contain multiple chemicals – even 10 polyols if you want!

Interactive graphics
The foam process graphics change with the formulation and process controls. Adjust fallplate settings or conveyor angle. Adjust conveyor speed. All adjustments change the graphic process display to show the new foam profile.

FoamKit 2000 calculates –

  • Foam properties – density, hardness, tensile strength, elongation, compression set - for the current formulation
  • Effect of atmospheric conditions on foam properties
  • Formulation for a required density and hardness
  • Process parameters - activator levels, rise time, full-rise position
  • Output values for each chemical stream
  • Mix temperature and viscosity
  • Exotherm temperature (gives warning if >165oC)

Chemical groups – Polyols, isocyanates, blowing agents, activators. Total of 12 chemical types plus miscellaneous. No limit to number of chemicals in each group!

Add new chemicals, edit chemical data – supplier, price, etc.

Foam process run sheet

Run Sheet - PDF format
Any formulation can be exported as a Run Sheet PDF file which can be viewed or printed out using the free issue Adobe Acrobat viewer. The widely used PDF format allows Run Sheets to be easily transfered to another PC. E-mail your Run Sheets to another factory location.

Calculates mix cost, foam cost. Calculates foam cost after removing trim. Rectangular or round block. Select country and currency - large list of countries to select from. The costing can be exported as a PDF file.

User preferences
Select metric or imperial units / temperature in Centigrade or Fahrenheit / hardness test method.