Miniflex CLD









Miniflex CLD - Automatic foam hardness testing

Compact / high specification / PC computer controlled

Hardness testing couldn't be easier!

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We have taken the standard DIN / ISO hardness test method, completely automated it and fitted it into a small, neat case which sits easily on your desk or work-top.

Miniflex CLD connects to your PC using a standard USB cable. The complete hardness test is handled by the Miniflex software program.

Just place the foam sample inside the compression slot, close the safety door, click the mouse button and the hardness test will be made automatically.


Insert the foam sample and click.....Miniflex CLD does the rest!


Progress of the test is displayed on the PC screen by graphics and data. A real-time graph of Force v. Sample Height is plotted.

At the end of the test the CLD value is displayed. A pdf test report (Acrobat Reader) can be generated and saved or printed.

Standard DIN and ASTM Test procedures are pre-installed. Up to 20 different test procedures may be stored. Test parameters, such as pre-flex cycles, time delays and CLD compression percent can all be edited.

Hysteresis loss – your guide to foam quality

During each pre-flex cycle, measurements of the shapes of the compression and recovery curves are automatically recorded. The area under each curve represents the work done and energy recovered during this cycle.

The difference between these two areas, expressed as a percentage, is the “hysteresis loss”. This hysteresis loss is a useful guide to the resiliency, or quality of the foam. Foams which recover more quickly after use will have a lower hysteresis loss.