FoamKit 2000 Maxfoam, etc.


FoamKit 3000 Single Block


FoamKit 4000 Vertifoam

FoamKit latest 32 bit Software:

Our 32 bit software packages are custom designed for Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8. They are all based on a Microsoft Access database, giving huge storage capacity for formulations, chemicals and process settings.

Run sheets and Costing Sheets are configured as pdf files for maximum portability - can be printed, e-mailed, saved, etc.

FoamKit 2000

for continuous foam processes

Can be configured as Maxfoam, Liquid Laydown + fallplate or Conventional Inclined Conveyor machine (rectangular or round blocks).


FoamKit 3000

for single block / boxfoam

Configure for rectangular or round blocks.


FoamKit 4000

for Vertifoam and other vertical foam processes

Can be configured for any vertical foam process - rectangular or round blocks.