Miniflex T-400









Miniflex T-400 foam tensile tester

Compact / high specification / PC computer controlled

Fully automatic tensile and tear strength testing!

Miniflex Tensile connects to your PC using a standard USB cable. The complete hardness test is handled by the Miniflex software program.

Just insert the foam sample in the two clamps and click the mouse button to start the test.

Insert the foam sample and click.....Miniflex T-400 does the rest!

Progress of the test is displayed on the PC screen by graphics and data. A real-time graph of Force v. Extension is plotted.

At the end of the test the Tensile Strength and Elongation at Break (or tear strength) values are displayed. A test report can be generated and saved or printed.

Standard DIN and ASTM Test procedures are pre-installed. Up to 20 different test procedures may be stored. Test parameters, such as initial clamp separation and test speed can be edited.

The perfect partner for Miniflex CLD!