Miniflex T-400









Miniflex Tensile

Technical Specification

Typical maximum elongation 400% (DIN test) 500% (ASTM test)

Compact - 50 cm long x 15 cm wide x 15 cm high (including clamps). Weight 5 kg

Simple operation - quick action clamps

Fully automatic - insert the foam sample in the clamps and click the START button on your PC screen

Measures tensile strength, elongation at break,tear strength

Full software package included (for Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7 operating system).

Easy to install and use - full step by step instructions.

Auto-calibrate feature for clamp separation and force measurements. Automatic speed check during test.

Software gives real-time graph of load v. extension during the test

Standard tensile test procedures built into the software. Stores up to 20 test methods.

Facility for setting different test speed, initial clamp separation, etc.

Load to 10 kgf (100N) , with resolution better than 1N

Extension resolution better than 1 mm

Power supply - mains 110 - 240 v AC universal power supply

Comprehensive, easy-to-read Instruction Manual