FoamKit software updates

Software updates will be downloaded as .zip files, which should be opened with Winzip or similar extraction program.

Please read carefully the notes below and then click one of the links below for the update you require:

    FoamKit 2000 version 2.07.0002

    FoamKit 2000 CarDio version 1.03.0002

    FoamKit 3000 version 1.07.0002

    FoamKit 4000 version 1.01.0002


Download notes:

Open the downloaded zip file and extract the program .exe file to your program folder...

    FoamKit 2000 - FK2000.exe     C:\FoamKit 2000

    FoamKit 2000 CarDio version - FK2000CarDio.exe     C:\FoamKit 2000 CarDio version

    FoamKit 3000 - FK3000.exe     C:\FoamKit 3000

    FoamKit 4000 - FK4000.exe     C:\FoamKit 4000

Overwrite the existing program file.

You should not need to register the software again. Please contact us if you need any help.

Your database information - formulations, chemicals, etc - will not be affected.